Data Drill. NOT Data Theft

Amer Asia ReportIf today's IT cyber security defense systems are sufficient, why is data being stolen at faster and greater rates than ever before in the history of mankind? …………………….Today, all IT systems have some level of defensive cyber threat prevention software. Symantec virus detection software running on all devices is one example. Symantec and other tool sets look for data patterns matching certain known malmare/virus data "signatures". When a match is made, the file(s) are quarantined and the system(s) protected. This is like having locks on ones' own doors at home or office. It's good for stopping almost everyone. Yet, all of today's cyber breaches evade these basic IT defense systems. Such digital defenses are Not good at stopping bad actors with mal intent and powerful tools. Just like door locks are useless against professional thieves......................... We need digital eyes and ears too. For when we are at the office and, for when we are not. Zero theft tolerance of company data, consumer data, intellectual property, confidential information. When cyber locks are compromised or evaded a company may have no remaining cyber tools detecting unauthorized or suspicious network/file activity. Let alone the ability to stop or limit damages. In such cases, companies are doomed to cyber destruction, pain and suffering........................ Data Drill by AmerAsia Company eyes, inspects and tracks all network traffic in and out of every device and IP port on an enterprise network. Every packet, every file, every hard drive, server and device is constantly monitored, encrypted and protected 100%. Old, new, unidentifiable data signatures are unnecessary. New bad actor threats stopped, trapped and tracked down in cyber space mapped to their geo location. Entirely accessed and controlled via an easy human GUI and domain deployed via active directory.......................... Eliminate the threat of digital data theft FOREVER. See Data Drill in action by clicking on "Go To The Article" hyperlink below. Contact AmerAsia Company: jerrychiu@amerasiacompany.com | info@amerasiacompany.com

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