WSL Reshapes Sports and Leisure Industry

Amer Asia ReportSan Clemente California | September 15, 2021 | AmerAsia Report.................. Yesterday, the World Surf League and its' sublime athletes produced the most Beautiful, Riveting, Authentic championship ever. With over 8 hours of pure championship surfing, head to head to head. One compelling 35 minute heat after the next; stunning, wet, wild. Every wave, every ride. Men and Women, equal in their Amazing abilities, surfing ocean avalanches at astonishing speed, agility, and skill. QUIETLY, the WSL is taking the world by storm. Global generations are leaning into Authenticity, Self-Reliance and, yes, Beauty. In all its' True forms. Carissa Moore, Gabriel Medina, all 10 competitors yesterday, showed the world how to prepare and, execute a changing, violent, beautiful world. So too, has the World Surf League.

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