Why Centralized Governments Fail

July 12 2022 | San Clemente California ............... Centralized governments have failed, over time, for all of human history. Kings, Queens, Emperors, Rulers, Despots and Dictators eventually, ALL fall under the weight of the obvious; controlling other people is fruitless, draining and Counterproductive. Controlling 100 million or 1 billion humans is impossible; by definition. Centralized control is the only authority who can say Yes, disempowering, neutering all those kneeling before Power. Resulting in a massive NO Culture. No, you Can Not Do this. No You can Not do that, Only the Dictator or their Court can say Yes to This or That. And, so, after years of no's and cant's and don'ts and "You have displeased the Palace" humans just STOP being human. Stop leaning in to today and betterment and taking chances and investing in the future. Our future, everywhere on this planet. Centralized Governments Repress and Oppress all of us, everywhere. By killing risk raking, investment, innovation and ownership. Say No to Narcissistic Gas Lighting Dictators and Say Yes to individual empowerment unlocking all of our creative powers accelerating our world forward through us, our creativity, our innovation and, yes, our Decentralized, Open, One World approach to human advancement everywhere.

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