MarTek Powers Past OPP

Amer Asia ReportMarch 23 2022 | San Clemente California...............AmerAsia's integration of MarTek Web 2.0 (AmerAsia Report Tech) and Web 3.0 (Block Chain - CaliCoin.io Tech) with Over The Top, OTT, direct to buyer market messaging in nine languages, Beats OPP. Other Peoples' Platforms, OPP, dilutes and entangles our Brand Voice. Social Media, Facebook/Meta, Open Sea and all other crowded OPP sites provide the illusion of marketing and, the reality of disappointing results. Web OTT by AmerAsia builds Your Private, Dedicated, Direct marketing channel to your buyers, globally. With proven 10x marketing results for all our brand clients.............. Wise MarTek elders like to say "Content is King - Distribution is Queen and She Wears the Pants". Get Your Voice On with Web OTT | info@amerasiacompany.com

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