WANTED for Attempted Murder of Lady Justice

AmerAsia ReportApril 7 2023 | San Clemente California....Wanted for Attempted Murder of Lady Justice; Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg. Tuesday, April 4, lower Manhattan New York City, D.A. Bragg filed 34 misdemeanor and felony charges against former President Donald J. Trump. The alleged illegal acts are falsifying business records in an effort to hide criminal activity, suppress tax liabilities (misdemeanors) gaining an unfair benefit in federal presidential elections (a felony for violating campaign finance reform laws).......This is Attempted Murder of Lady Justice in Plain Sight......1) D.A. Braggs hand written Day 1 January 3 2022 Memo/Fact sheet clearly states the D.A.'s office position: We will "Not prosecute minor offenses/misdemeanor's that have no impact on public safety". 2) Falsifying business records for tax filings is a non-violent misdemeanor. 3) These alleged acts were performed in private, by private individuals, for a private company in their private company tax records, allegedly by D.A. Bragg...... And, Yet, somehow, someway D.A. Bragg logic breaks his way into conflating private acts with public presidential election benefits and a Felony(s). Any election benefit came from preventing two women from "telling all" about alleged illicit acts between them and the married private industry CEO, circa 2006, and if true, are indeed legal as there are voluntary agreements between the parties - all legal...... No public benefit can be claimed by the alleged private company tax fraud. aka D.A. Bragg's logic break emotionally confusing a misdemeanor with a felony, and a failed case for the D.A. (notwithstanding the Manhattan jury pool from which 70% voted Against Donald Trump in 2020)............. D.A. Bragg is Wanted for Attempted Murder of Lady Justice; on the steps of a lower Manhattan courthouse in broad daylight laid bare for all the world to see... Long Live Lady Justice and her twin Lady Liberty.

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