eDiscovery: Visually Analyzing Connections between Communications

Amer Asia ReportIn almost every investigation and lawsuit, the need to analyze communications occurs. When looking at the content of the communications, of course, we should also look at the communications’ CONTEXT. In particular, the connections between the communications. We analyze this information to figure out who was communicating with whom, when, where, how, about what, and why. And, often, we can do that most effectively with strong visualization tools by Reveal Data and AmerAsia Company. For example, you could use approaches such as this one for all manner of exploratory activities; Look for areas with higher volumes of communication. While quantity does not necessarily mean quality, quantity can be important in its own right. You might want to scan the display for clusters where one person was communicating with a large number of people, or an instance where a large number of communications went back and forth between two people. Search for gaps. Look for gaps in communications, such as situations where you would expect to see messages between two people but none show up, where you would expect communications from someone but you only see communications sent to them, or where you would expect to find communications between two people discussing specific topics but none appear. Seek out anomalous behaviors. Look for the person who stands apart from others, the thin line amongst thick ones, the email address that doesn’t fit with all the others but gets a lot of traffic. These are just a few suggestions for how you can make effective use of the visual display of communications connections. With our interface, you can be quick and nimble in your explorations. And by doing that, you increase your chances of finding content, developing context, and ultimately building a stronger case......................... Contact: info@amerasiacompany.com

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