Stablecoins: Worse than 1800's Private Bank Notes says Goldman Sachs

May 20 2022 | San Clemente California ...............Goldman Sachs agrees with the AmerAsia Report; today's crypto "Stablecoins" are as valueless as privately issued Bank Notes from America, circa 1863. Prior to federally issued bank notes, individual banks issued their own "money" in bank note/cash form. Once the U.S. government issued a national currency, local and regional private bank notes became useless. The SAME circumstance again presents itself today. Long term value for centralized "Fed Coins", U.S. dollar/Chinese Yuan, and innovative "Smart Contract" Crypto Coin Tokens like Ethereum will grow. Stablecoins backed by fiat currencies are useless. To read the English version of the article, click on "Go To Article" below.

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