Speak Free or Pay Up

AmerAsia ReportApril 14 2023 | San Clemente California ............... Speak Free or Pay Up says the data researched and analyzed by the AmerAsia Report. Countries whose leaders and political systems support Free Speech make more money. In all currencies including Crypto. By Far. Not even close..... As examples, do you know that every person in Taiwan, on average, makes 400% more than every person in the PRC part of China? Or, that Norway makes 125% more than every citizen in the U.S.A. ? And Australian residents enjoy a 490% advantage over every person still living in Russia. True, True and True and you won't read these facts in the Tehran Times, the Saudi Gazette or, the China Daily................ Free Speech is oxygen to our society at large. Repressing Free Speech robs our bodies of the oxygen vital to life. Freezing growth and, eventually, shutting down the host itself; should oxygen be cut off completely. Which is why State controlled media generates just enough images and words to distract, blind and control the uninformed, censored, silenced citizenry of those countries ............... With four obvious exceptions (ironically reinforcing the same conclusions), the data analyzed from 20 countries -- 10 with free speech | 10 without free speech -- clearly shows Freedom of Speech Drives the wealth of every citizen in every country across the world. This is a Universal Truth. For all seasons. For all leaders and political systems. For all time. Speak Free or Pay Up...

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Free Speech Grows GDP



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