Putin's Precarious Perch

AmerAsia ReportJuly 23 2023 | San Clemente California ….. Around 1900, the Russian Bolshevik’s came to revolutionary power defending the “common man”, “the majority”, “the people”, the proletariat. Throwing off centuries of imperialist King rule for a government of the people, for the people, in stewardship for the “Common Man”, the “Proletariat”; was the Bolshevik Mission….. The USSR is built upon centuries of Monarch rule, presently headquartered in Moscow under Bolshevik reign. “Bolshevik”, Russian for “Majority” stems from historical Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin communist philosophies, and revolution, promoting social order, control, and centralized leadership over the proletariat, Self-promoted by the few as the best, most advanced enlightened construct for humanity. Not self-rule. But rule by a few over the many is the Communist Way….. And a true, Group Think Logic Break; rule of the many, by the few, without direct, true, representation is unsustainable. And, clear for all to see ….. Today, in 2023, there is no longer a Bolshevik Proletariat world, only found now in song and history books, replaced by a dystopian Moscow leadership , devolved back to a Oligarch Monarchy, separated from itself, separated from its’ neighbors, separated from the world and, now, its’ own future; truly, a Precarious Perch for Putin, his Oligarch Moscow allies and the world.

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