Proof: Centralized Governments Fail

Amer Asia ReportDecember 25 2022 | Truth or Consequences ..... In China, one party rules all, the Communist Party of China (CPC), which has again supplied obvious proof Centralized Governments are Doomed to Fail. A Destiny by one's own hand in the form of a Murder Suicide is slowly unfolding for all the world to see. Death to a society by Oppression, Repression and inevitable Regression. Death to oneself evidenced by 256 million new Covid-19 cases in One Day. Three years After the Virus started in Beijing. No Modern Vaccinations/Medicines, no Modern Methods, no free voting, one centralized government. Chinese People are smart, hard working, family driven, successful and fun loving. It is Not the people who fail, but a centralized CPC political system of invasion, control and suppression fearful of unleashing man kinds collective and individual power which fails us all. Except, perhaps North Korea, they haven't had one Covid case in three years. And, Pyongyang never lies.

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