Lady Liberty NFT Collection Drop Honoring Mr. Kenichi Horie

Amer Asia ReportJuly 7, 2022 | San Clemente California ................ The Lady Liberty NFT Collection is NOW Available. Starting at USD $1.00, the Lady Liberty NFT Collection honors true acts by real people in real time "Personifying Liberty". Liberty, exercising our inalienable, universal right to Act as we ethically and morally choose................ Our FIRST Ever Honoree is Mr. Kenichi Horie who solo navigated the Pacific Ocean in 69 days. At Age 83, Mr. Kenichi Horie is the "Youngest Ever" to cross the Pacific Ocean alone. "Youngest Ever" = oldest ever : - ) To Preview this Amazing 2:44 second, 326mb, digital collectible compilation click on "Go To The Article" below visiting CaliCoin.io and becoming only 1 of 100 people to enjoy this full length Minting of Mr. Kenichi Horie and his Astonishing Act of Liberty................

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