Kings Emperors Despots Democracy

AmerAsia ReportAugust 22 2023 | San Clemente California ….. Governance by dictators dates back thousands of years encompassing all countries, cultures and populations. Before there was fire, there were dictators. We have learned to harness the constructive power of fire, yet, today, global governance by dictate is still ablaze. Burning down one society after the next it seems. Set afire by their own self-serving hands with the intent of installing oneself alongside, or above, the “great” Kings Emperors Despots for all time; ugh………. The idea that 1.4 billion citizens, or the worlds current 8 billion population can be controlled by any one human is false ………... Conformance by coercion is false. For what is built by force, against the peoples will, cannot stand the ultimate test of time; truth. Truth does come out for all to see, eventually ………And the truth is, for our world to continue prospering we must continue growing our Citizenry power. Not despot power. By enshrining human values, principles and individual rights like liberty and justice for all citizens, equally, globally we will solve every problem and seize every opportunity. The world has changed in three thousand years. So too must global governance………..Kings, Emperors Despots or Democracy. An easy choice for our modern world.

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