Jack Ma Made a Verb

AmerAsia ReportJanuary 7 2023 | Beijing China ..... The CPC is changing Jack Ma from a Proper Noun to a Verb. Per reports, Jack Ma is "Stepping Down" as head of the company he founded, Ant Group. "Taken Down" is the truth. Treated like a Verb, not the Proper Noun that is He. Why? Because Mr. Ma criticized an inefficient capital allocation system? Centrally controlled capital is, over time, inefficient by definition......Create Amazingness from nothing? Are you successful? Watch out. At any time you may be "Jack MAuled". If you are an entrepreneur, creator, innovator. Or aspire to be One. Produce your Amazingness in a world that respects individual property rights, justice and liberty..... So that You keep what you work your entire life for, and we are All treated as Proper Nouns. Including governmental power; especially governmental power. If not, then we All can be "Jack MAauled". Or worse, "Jimmy LAIed".

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