In the Middle of My Youth at 83

Amer Asia ReportTOKYO (AP) June 5 2022 — Japanese adventurer Kenichi Horie at 83 just became the oldest person in the world to complete a solo, nonstop voyage across the Pacific Ocean — and he says he is still “in the middle of my youth” and not done yet. Horie returned home as he crossed the Kii Strait off Japan’s western coast early Saturday, completing his trans-Pacific solo voyage in 69 days after leaving a yacht harbor in San Francisco in late March. “Welcome back, Mr. Kenichi Horie!” "Thank you for waiting!” said Horie. “That shows how healthy I am,” Horie said. “I’m still in the middle of my youth.” He said he “burned all my body and soul” on the journey but says he’s ready for more. “I will keep up my work to be a late bloomer.” “It was my great joy to have been able to make a challenge as a real goal and safely achieve it, instead of just holding onto it as a dream.” “I want to be a challenger as long as I live,” he said. Despite sailing on his own, technology such as ship tracking and communications allowed him to stay in touch with his family and other people throughout the journey. “I imagine my next voyage would be even more fun,” he said.

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