How to Create a Digital Asset

June 15 2022 | San Clemente California …………… Any real world asset can be paired with a newly created digital asset twin; an information age representation of the industrial age (analog) asset. This digital asset form is called a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Minted on the block chain at California Mine & Mint Company………….. There are many, many forms of digital assets, and, therefore NFT’s. One of the Best Ways to create digital assets is through the medium of Art. Countless digital art pieces now stand on their own as highly moving and valuable Art Forms. All the while paired with their Analog sibling. Not one asset, two. Not a painting, but a painting. Not a story, but a story. Not a movie, but a 3D movie. Not an mp3 file, but music that moves you. Not a piece, a Collection, in spirit, deed and Art. One half analog, One half digital. One whole new Art Form. NFT Art……………. Create, Grow, Secure, Defend your Digital Assets with AmerAsia Company.

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