Democracy. Let's Be Clear

San Clemente, California | December 11, 2021 | ................A society ruled by its’ citizens is a democracy. Individuals, all citizens, the entire population must rule as one or its’ citizenry will fail and die. Varied, discordant, confrontational with one value set, Democracy. Justice and Liberty are the only things common to democratic citizens. So many people have truth on their side, perfect agreement is impossible. People bound by their love of democracy and self-determination. Everything else. Everything else is All-Mighty different...............Countless daily pressures to succeed and fail making like knifes forcing innovation and change to the surface saving lives, making our future. All voices breathe equally and easily. And, when they don’t, citizens restore justice and freedom through protest, activism, voting, political office. When individual powers are demanded, unlocked and unleashed into the future anything can happen. Witness today. Democracy and her two omnipotent Ladies, Lady Justice and Lady Liberty, demand the best from every one of us. Every day. Let’s be clear. Thank you, Democracy.

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