Reciprocity not Mutual Respect

AmerAsia ReportJune 4 2023 | San Clemente California ….. Yesterday, Beijing Defense Minister Li Shangfu called for “Mutual Respect” between the world’s two largest economies. However, when Fraud is involved there can be no respect given the fraudster. Mr. Li, with all due respect, reciprocity is the issue here.……1) Beijing tyrannizes and oppresses it’s own mainland citizens….. 2) Destroys human rights in Hong Kong..... 3) Kills free speech and freedom of the press…..4) CCP Door knocks my Shanghai Director’s home at 4:00 am on a Sunday…..5) Black lists foreign investment across 30-50 industries……/////….Beijing’s oppressive, suppressive, repressive control over its’ own people and businesses, is clear for the All the World to see, and breaks my heart. Mutual Respect? Lot’s of Laughs ….. Respect human rights and the world will respect you. Not before. Same goes for Moscow, Tehran, Pyongyang. The people I know and have worked with for decades across China, Russia, Iran, North Korea are wonderful!…..It’s the governments autocratic, totalitarian, obsolete political goals and models which Must Modernize in our 21st century. For their people’s sake, and, our own.

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Reciprocity = Respect



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