Concrete Corruption Construction

AmerAsia ReportFebruary 26 2024 | San Clemente California .......... Corrupt governments and institutions are often identified by wasteful spending. Twelve year old children buying out shelves of toys might be one sign of corruption. Another sign might be twelve year old men, CPC members, buying out the shelves of local municipalities and their citizens. Testimony given by thousands of empty, unfinished, broken, falling buildings all across China. So many of these corrupt constructions that the Whole population of Germany, 83M people, can find an empty unit to move into - according to BASF representative for China, Joerg Wuttke - and yet Amazing Chinese citizens who paid in advance, can't get their money back or, move into their "Never to be Completed" homes denying beautiful families and their dreams basic opportunities like housing, education, freedom of choice. All, so corrupt Beijing CPC children masquerading as "peoples choice" leaders can enrich themselves. At the expense of their citizens in China and the world. We do have freedom of choice and Chinese are leaving the PRC by the thousands, daily. Freedom is a plane, boat or bike ride away; welcome our dear friends.

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