Case Study: 10x MarTek for Exporters

Amer Asia ReportSan Clemente, California | November 18, 2021..........................In the digital media world, electronic visitors are everything and acquiring digital visitors a $1Trillion USD annual business. For suppliers. For buyers, the ROI on this spend is in serious question. 85% of digital media spend today is on social media platforms. Paying on quantity not, quality. By definition, social media platforms are third party eco-systems designed around maximizing OPP ROI Not, Your ROI. Brand Blocking by Other Peoples' Platforms (OPP) is now obvious to seasoned digital marketers for global corporations.........................Data Derrick by AmerAsia Company ingests your brand content, translates into nine languages, posts on-line, directly contacts current and new buyers via email, sms, in-app notifications; automatically. DataDerrick AI brand algorithms for context, content and language are yielding direct increases in home website traffic, OPP traffic, sales inquiries and sales face to face meetings 10x over an OPP only strategy. AmerAsia Company has the results to prove it. Prove it to yourself. Contact: AmerAsia Company | info@amerasiacompany.com

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