Case Closed: Lady Liberty Rings True Again

AmerAsia ReportMarch 8 2020 | Hong Kong China |...............East met West that morning for breakfast at the Hong Kong Conrad hotel. Covid-19 was only beginning and the Easterner had a question for the Westerner. Which System will handle this Pandemic crisis best? Centralized control of State resources or, a chaotic, decentralized "Out of Control" Western system?................March 16 2022......Do we now know the answer? Not which country or, government or population is Best ( this is not even a question for we are all Equal). But, which system of self rule proves Best for Humanity. Creativity, Innovation, IP rights and the freedom to fail, fail, fail and, win. By a chaotic Bottom Up method driven by citizens. Not a Top Down method controlled by stewards in a single room. What might be said of these two very different Systems of Self-Rule? Over time, Truth shows itself. And, it may take another 150 years for some to see it, but as of today, the Case is Closed : Lady Liberty Rings True Again.

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